V. Terziev and V. Kichukov
"Valentin Kichukov - Valival" ST Accounting company BILIVA
"Midi Music Lend" Ltd. - Nikolay Tsolov "Petrov Electronics" - tpetrov.com mr. Koycho Kavalov
Klaus Wecker "Music Impressions" LTD Dimitar Nikolov - Graphic designer
www.FRAMAR.bg - S. Sakuz First office in Stara Zagora
Chain stores for parfumery and cosmetics IVIS
Ivan and Anelia Yanakievi Ivan Kamenski - Graphik designer
Nikolay Ivanov - programmer
Tania Valcheva - SEO specialist New corporative appearance and website Second office in Stara Zagora
Third office and more people in the team INSERT.BG
V. Terziev and V. Kichukov"Valentin Kichukov - Valival" STAccounting company BILIVA"Midi Music Lend" Ltd. - Nikolay Tsolov"Petrov Electronics" - tpetrov.commr. Koycho KavalovKlaus Wecker "Music Impressions" LTDDimitar Nikolov - Graphic designerwww.FRAMAR.bg - S. SakuzFirst office in Stara ZagoraChain stores for parfumery and cosmetics IVISИван и Анелия ЯнакиевиIvan Kamenski - Graphik designerNikolay Ivanov - programmerT. Valcheva - SEO specialistNew corporative appearance and websiteSecond office in Stara ZagoraThird office and more people in the teamINSERT.BG


where do we come from and where do we go?

    It all starts in August 2002, when at a college in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria Valeri Terziev and Valentin Kichukov meet up, and they had decided together to dive into the depths of web design.

   The first technology, they had started to build websites with, was “FLASH”. With it they specialized and completed a range of pojects. Later on they realized although, that Flash was limitting their willings to create and achieve more. Hence Valeri started to learn PHP and MySQL and nog long after this he wrote the first online shop by using as a base literature and studies about how Amazon.com was built and work.

  In 2004 they established the company “Valentin Kichukov – Web Fusion” ET in order to legally issue documentation and to release their first paid projects. The very first completed website belongs to a business acquaintance of Valentin - Plamen Dimitrov and his company Agroplam Consult Ltd., their second project belongs to Petrov Electronics tpetrov.com, company owned by a close friend to Valeri.

   The next step was to ensure the necessary and at the same time annoying ensure accurate reliable accounting records. This task had been entrusted to the company BILIVA, which still remains as an integral part of the company and takes care of the finance functions of Web Fusion.
Another important moment had been the meeting with Koycho Kavalov in 2005 - specialist in computers and technologies, office equipment, video surveillance and networking. Mr. Kavalov had helped a lot with finding a big number of costumers for the company by guaranting for Web Fusions reputation and work.

    A key moment was the realization of the website of Nikolay Tsolov from “Midi Music Land” Ltd. in 2005. This moment was very important for the small company, because Nikolay was really satisfied and recommended it to Klaus Wecker - a German entrepreneur. At that moment Klaus’s company “Music Impressions” owns 40% of the market for producing and distribution of music in Europe. After the successful achievement of songgalaxy.com, Klaus decidef to continue his work with Web Fusion and he sas suggested them to support all the websites of his partners, which were 10 online music shops in 7 different countries.

    Sarkiz Sakuz and his dream to realize a Web portal for health consultations was the reason for Web Fusion to reach their development also on the local Bulgarian market. The newly created web portal www.Framar.bg became one of the biggest and most popular portals in Bulgaria. At the time this was the most massive project for Web Fusion as it was created with thousands of sleepless nights, daily ammendments and innovations.

    In 2008 Valery and Valentin released another big and successful project - the website of the biggest Bulgarian chain for perfumery and cosmetics IVIS (ivis.bg). After that projects like bagira.bg and houseofsport.bg came. Their owners remained very pleased with the results and recommend the company highly for its services to new clients.

      In 2009 Web Fusion came across Ivan and Anelia Yanakievi, who wanted 10 online shops on different topic, which the small company at the time created and still support. Both Web Fusion's owners were really thankful to family Yanakievi as they became and still are one of the major partners and investors plus very good friends of the team.

     Meanwhile the team of two started to feel the need for more people with different thinking and ideas. Therefore in October 2009 they rented their first official office in Stara Zagora with excellent central location and warm environment for creating a team. Parallel with this was created the company “Web Fusion” Ltd.

      Back then the company needed a Graphic web designer, because the projects they have done were looking well arranged, were working perfectly and with their purpose, but there was something missing in their appearance. The serendipity met them with the talented young graphic designer Dimitar Nikolov (mi-taka.net), who at that time was working in a leading graphic design studio in the capital Sofia. Valeri and Valentin were amazed by his skills and precision, the projects he had created were logically arranged, beautiful and with a huge potential for growth. After few chit-chats they started working together and found mutual connection for their services. Today Dimitar Nikolov is a partner in the company and he is the representative for Sofia and the region.
To the Web Fusion's team joined another gifted designer - Ivan Kamenski. After few months Kamenski prove his loyalty with his persistence, a lot of work, successful projects and own unique vision.
The company start growing quicker and the projects and pleased costumers increased gradually. The speed of development brough even new people to team - specialized in new different technologies and services to create time-tested websites.

  In 2010 the team invites Nikolay Ivanov as their junior developer. The exclusively fast spee, perfection and professional handling of hectic situations were all the tasks that made him the next person, who has lead the company forward and became invaluable part of the team. In 2011 the team joined Tania Valcheva, and as of today she is manager of the SEO department with 3 team members. 

    Next step was new and bigger office, that is fulfilled with new faces in team. Only for 9 months (in 2012) the office “shrinked” and the team had to move again – this time at their current office in Stara Zagora, where they are at the same building with Framar.bg. By coincidence this was the same building, where the two founders and Webb Fusion's owners - Valeri and Valentin had met each other back in 2002.

   In 2012 Web Fusion becomed a partner in media group INSERT.BG and started the achievement of its ideological principles by creating a range of websites, property of instert.bg. In the middle of February 2013 the company changed its appearance from A to Z and recreated their old website with the new one, the one you are looking at now.

   In 2016 the team was renamed to Valival in order to reflect better the uniquness of the their services and products. The new name is a combination of the two founders' names - Valeri and Valentin.

       “The team of Valival would like to thank all the costumers for the financial support, that has been so important for our development, for the challenges, which are improving our skills, but mostly we thank you for the TRUST and UNDERSTANDING you are showing to us.

Our main goal is to be helpful for you!”

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