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How to help your website?

You are the best person to help with the development of your website!

Be patient and make efforts, seek and you will get.

To be developed, to be popular, to be at top positions in Google, your website needs to be supported by yourself as well. For this purpose and before you start the process, it is recommended to spare a lot of time, when focusing on the following items, extremely useful when building a website:

Unique content:

The whole information published in your website and in other sources (other pages), leading to your website, regardless what it is about (product, article, media material, product description, etc.), needs to be UNIQUE AND DETAILED as much as possible. What this means is that you muss not just take (copy) and paste information form one website and put it into yours. This would be totally wrong and could be penalized quickly by the search engines like Google for example. And the search engines are the ones, who can bring you more consumers. Each and every publication online should be checked and qualified in advance. With stolen content mostly from other websites with similar products, company owners excuse is: “what can I do, this is a product”. There is always a way to write more about a product, different from anyone else. This does not mean, that you can copy the whole information and just to add more. We recommend you to do it better for reading, easier to understand, more detailed and to add something. Than you will have better chance to rate in the search engines and better chance your product to be bought.


Adding new functionality:

Or be more active when it comes to uniqueness and innovations. Don’t think who will add the functionality of your website. And be more active with your uniqueness and innovation. Don’t think who will insert the functionality in your website – this is the easiest thing (it is our work). More important is what to be this functionality, that the others don’t have and didn’t think of it. Than you will be the first, and if you grab the attention of the people, you will ROCK IT.


Continue to update the content of the pages:

The useful and actual information is everything the people are searching for in internet. This is why you need to add detailed information to every product, service or promotions you offer. This way your website will be useful for the people, you will win their trust, and they will visit your website instead of the one of your competitors, and will share it with other consumers, as a help for finding the information they need.


Add new products, services or promotions:

Always when you offer new things, it is obligated to inform the consumers, to keep them interested, and to find new ones.


Follow the needs of the consumers:

Here we mean to pay attention in the concrete niche (the niche for your website). This means to emphasize on the information, that the consumer searches in internet in the moment and to present it better, larger, more detailed than the other compliers.


Add new sections:

Adding new sections like “News”, “Offers”, “Promotions” and others will help you inform your costumers for everything, that happens around you and your business. This way you will assure useful and actual information for the people.


Well supported and rich catalogue:

People like when they see a rich catalogue in the website. They have better choice and the possibility to chose your website is much bigger. As much poor your catalogue is, the more people will leave your website. This is why except for every product being described in details you have to try to offer maximum bigger range of products for your niche.


Activity in internet. Search for the attention of the BIGGEST:

Make sure to be spotted by a big website with similar topic or big MEDIA website, where they can publish news from your website. If you find a big website with the same topic, and you have something interesting to post, , they will always let you publish a material, that is interesting for the consumers of the website, and they will find out about you.


Develop the profiles in social media:

This includes constant support and development of your profiles/fan pages in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, forums and blogs. Let’s not forget that big part of the consumers spend lot of time in social networks, and this is exclusively profitable for every owner of website, who has fan page. Thanks to them you can attract the people’s attention on your products/services. When your potential costumers are happy with the information, they will share it with their friends, and this way you have the real possibility more and more people to learn about you and your business. Besides, one big plus is of the fan pages is that you receive feed back from the consumers, or said with other words, you have direct contact with them, and you will know their opinion.

  • Facebook – Every fan page needs to be developed, to attract more and more consumer to like and share it. For this purpose you have to publish constantly interesting and useful materials, parts of articles, pictures and others. You also can set games to win more eventual costumers. Fast and easy you can announce your new products, services and promotions with short reviews to attract people’s attention. 
  • Google+ - fan pages in Google+ also need to be developed and promoted like those in Facebook. It is your choice how to do this. The easiest way would be with actual information, links to useful articles, funny pictures, reviews of new products, etc.  This way all people connected with you will see them, and if some of them like them and mark +1, the added from you things will be seen from their friends, and they are also your potential costumers. 
  • Twitter – also worldwide social network. As more interesting for the consumers information you publish in your profile, the more audience and share you will get. 
  • Forums – find all the forums, developing in your topic, and also the biggest ones, and sign up. Follow continuously the information, floating in there, step in, when you are competent. After a while from those same profiles, you will be able to post links to your website, especially if they are the active big forums. 
  • Blogs – this is the place, where you can post your opinion and comment for topics who are similar to your website and you are competent. 
  • Private blogs – create private blog on the server, where your website is, and also in one of the big sites where they suggest this option. 


Media expressions:

All other expressions on radio, TV and print medias will bring effect on your website (don’t forget to mention its web address).


All these efforts will be rewarded by the search engines, this means, this will help you to be in upper positions in Google and the other search engines, BUT THIS IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT. You will be useful for the quest of knowledge consumers in internet, and this exactly will bring you SUCCESS!!!

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