what's new with us - website No. 1 in health advices category for 2012

The old folk story says: Count the chicks in the autumn, but we from Valival decided to do it in late spring of 2013, and moreover with one of our most successful projects – the national portal for health advice

We are happy to announce, that for 2012 our project succeeded to last and stay on 1st place in the category Health advice website – Bulgaria in the international people metric system Gemius. For the same time the website achieved 18.647.691 visits, from them 15.884.685 unique. The number of the impressions is 52.411.824 /according to

Yes, the successes are really pleasant, but behind them is a steady and focused work. In 2012 got new appearance/functionality, something that was elaborated almost the whole previous year. To the website were added new sections with important social and health matters. The unique for Bulgaria system for drug interactions was developed, who allows every reader to see the unacceptable interactions of the medicines or supplements, food or drinks taken from him – something that is exclusively useful for the huge audience of the website, that needs information for it’s health and welfare.

The percentage of the visits from main social networks - Facebook, Google +, Blogger, Svejo grows constantly, and this shows that the information is socially well – directed and this calls appropriate reaction in the consumers.

In 2013 the work keeps going, and the readers may expect new surprises – additional functionalities and section in Interactive.

Foreseen is the release of Online diagnostics – your multimedia virtual doctor we are working on since years, in view of the volume of the information and the exclusive plentitude for more than 100 000 symptoms, illnesses that need to be put in order and developed.

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