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First interview for Valival

The good reputation of Valival was noticed also by the media, hearing from the satisfied costumers boasts for us, from the largest news website for Stara Zagora decided to tell our story to larger audience, and our confidence rose slightly.

In the interview our CEO Valentin Kichukov had the opportunity to present our company, how with his partner Valeri Terziev they started just with their good ideas, the long and thorny path through which they have passed, and even starting at the cost of many difficulties always achieve the desired in web design. The development of the company, the projects, increasing complexity and ever increasing functionalities and techniques they use.

The team does not remain in the background. For the members of the team there is always special place, as they are the people working hard to achieve the desired results, so that Valival can brag only with satisfied costumers, as we already said many times.

Naturally, the projects and the services we offer and the satisfied customers are at the forefront in the interview. Indeed, we can boast of a large number of implemented projects

The customers who we met on the road a few years ago are still with us, satisfied with our services, we continue our mutual cooperation, for some of them we continue to realize new and new projects that are successful just as much as the previous ones.

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