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ILIFE Innovation Co. Ltd is a company with 10 years of experience in manufacturing robots and robotic household cleaning products. The company designs its own products. They have their own design, hardware, and software.

Client Assignment

The product range of the company is not wide, so we had to rely on an attractive visual presentation of the items, mark their most important characteristics, and allow the option of product comparison.

Our Solution

We developed a clean, elegant design and rich product galleries. When reviewing a product, we created the opportunity for the user to see the next and previous models, as well as the accessories suitable for the robot.

Captivating presentation

The media blocks we have developed are a powerful tool for even greater impact. They provide an opportunity for an original and attractive product presentation. Their components are arranged automatically depending on the resolution, which guarantees a flawless re-creation on any device.

Their biggest advantage is that creating and arranging them from the administrative panel of the site is a child's play!

Desktop slider

Fast and easy to navigate

The website offers a clear and attractive presentation even on a mobile device. Every component has been created in a way so that it is visible even on the smallest resolutions. The whole functionality of the website is accessible intuitively and easily.

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