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Painted with love



Different, creative, smiling and as they describe themselves - “slightly weird”, the artists of Wecan Group paint their clients' ideas in the fun world of the caricature. The desire to help their customers make the people they love happy, brought them to us.

Client Assignment

Integration of all kinds of payment methods, specific functionality in the admin panel and developing the most convenient way to place an order, were their main requirements.

Our Solution

Infected with a positive mood, we distinguished the project with innovative design and a high level of functionality. The long-lasting friendship and business relationship established with our partner are another proof of a job well done.

One Step Shopping

The online store is extremely beautiful, elegant, and cheerful. Even though it looks like just an exclusive design solution at first sight, the customers become amazed by the huge functionality they witness while using the website. Every order can be finalized right on the product page!

Desktop slider

Memorable impression

The intuitive interface and the design aesthetics, combined with the quality visualization of images, create a powerful identity and memorable presence of the project even on a mobile device with a small resolution.

Phone slider