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Finish date: 4 March 2013 Realized for: 40 days Category: Custom Software Inquiry for similar project

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Specialized storage software for Petrov Electronics is a truly unique project created by Valival. It's hard to describe all the functionality of the project and all the visual details in it.
The website aims presentation and communication of the user with Bulgaria, while allowing for:

• Create a personal itinerary for a trip in Bulgaria, including exactly those places that the user wants, or offer a choice of excursions.

• Buying airline tickets, hotel reservations and / or car rental;

• Send private pictures and videos from users visited Bulgaria, published in the "I Love Bulgaria".
For an overview of the project and undoubtedly fall in love with it, please see the presentation below, or go directly to!


Participants in the project:

Art director and designer

Project manager


Copyright and texts

From client's side

Orlin Mirtchev

Christina Avrionova

About the project:

Used technologies

PHP, XHTML, CSS, WF CMS, Javascript / jQuery

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