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Finish date: 2 January 2009 Realized for: 45 days Category: Portal Inquiry for similar project


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DreamBulgaria.bg DreamBulgaria.bg

DreamBulgaria.bg – real estate web portal of Dream Bulgaria Ltd.

The 4 lingual web portal has modern functionality: registration and offering a property, advanced search with multiple options, all sorts of goodies to describe the property. Shopping cart through which the users can purchase advertising position for their property and pay online.

Offered luxury properties and innovative way of presentation make it a great marketing tool.
The website provides detailed information about Bulgaria in sections, legislation, news, landmarks, dishes, hotels, etc.


Participants in the project:

Project manager

Art director and designer

Development and optimization

Copyright and texts

From client's side

Jordan Urumov

Viktoria Urumova

About the project:

Used technologies

PHP, XHTML, CSS, WF CMS, Javascript / jQuery, Flash, ActionScript
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