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Finish date: 14 June 2007 Realized for: 60 days Category: Portal Inquiry for similar project

13project backward
124project backward - the biggest web portal for health advices in Bulgaria, property of FRAMAR Ltd.

This is the largest project, that team Valival has created and maintained. By 2013, the site includes 16 great sub websites: online shop, sports section, media, nutrition, medical encyclopedia, health journal, drug interactions, health problems, interactive section, LifeStyle, social care, health advices, online consultation with a specialist, etc.

Each thematic section offers numbers of sub sections. The website has a huge performance and resource!

Participants in the project:

Project manager

Art director and designer

Technical design and illustrations

Graphical animations / Flash

Development and optimization

From client's side

MA. ph. Sarkiz Sakuz

MA. ph. Ramela Sakuz

Ivaylo Tonchev

Dr. Violina Peykova Todeva

Team of

About the project:

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