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Finish date: 27 September 2007 Realized for: 29 days Category: Portal Inquiry for similar project


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Kak-Da.com Kak-Da.com

Kak-Da.com - internet portal for articles on any topic with unique functionality.

The program module for publishing an article by a user on the website offers advanced functionality with unique character and at the same time is extremely intuitive to use. It is divided into two steps for publishing an article. The first step is to add a header image, short description and title. The second step provides separate paragraphs with headings, adding galleries, videos and poll as its entire contents can be arranged as desired by the author. These options give the author the opportunity to make a truly unique article.

The website disposes many more innovative features and professional video tutorial for publishing an article.


Participants in the project:

Project manager


Art director and designer

Development and optimization

Copyright and texts

Kostadin Yochev

Dimitar Dimitrov

From client's side

Sarkiz Sakuz

Ivaylo Tonchev

Georgi Kostov

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