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Finish date: 14 March 2012 Realized for: 36 days Category: Portal Inquiry for similar project

102project backward
35project backward – the biggest zoo web portal in Bulgaria owned by Bau Bau Ltd.

The web portal has a large number of separate sections as detached sub websites.
Available are private advertisements in the website that connects the seller and the buyer. Huge informative section Zoo Encyclopedia: classification, disease, treatment and pathology. Zoo Guide with sections: veterinarians, veterinary clinics, veterinary pharmacies, institutions, producers and breeders.

Online shop with a huge nomenclature, zoo forum and section with funny pictures, videos and jokes.

Participants in the project:

Creative director

Project manager

Art director and designer


Copyright and texts

Dimitar Dimitrov

Development and optimization

From client's side

Denitsa Ruseva

About the project:

Used technologies

PHP, XHTML, CSS, WF CMS, Javascript / jQuery
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