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Finish date: 17 August 2011 Category: Portal Inquiry for similar project

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The website is created as part of the bicycle portal of the company, where the future websites of the tour operators Greenway Outdoor and Bike Club Greenway will be included.

The website is directed to the younger audience of mountain bikers as aims to provide the latest information about the activities of the association and all its attendant activities and events. Every biking enthusiast can join the association and help according his abilities and time for the prevalence of cycling sport as way of life and particularly the mountain biking.

He can be a volunteer in the organization of competitions or to be a significant part in the organization of such, depending on the enthusiasm and understanding of the sport. This is the basis on which was built the association and its membership.

Participants in the project:

Art director and designer

From client's side

Jordan Nechev

About the project:

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