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Finish date: 16 January 2014 Realized for: 18 days Category: Personal Inquiry for similar project

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Personal website for the young and talented artist from Sofia, Maria Dryanovska. Our team was challenged to present Maria’s  oeuvre in easy to use and intuitive website, that works almost unnoticeably, so the coloring of her paintings can be brought to the foreground. Extremely flexible and responsive design, the website gives the opportunity of the consumers to fully enjoy the fullness of the work with fine categorizing and additional filters for detailed review. All paintings, that are for sale from the author are marked with a price, and in the category Print Shop you can observe paintings, that are offered as Art-prints on paper or canvas – great possibility for budget oriented art connoisseur.

About the project:

Used technologies

PHP, XHTML, CSS, WF CMS, Javascript / jQuery
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