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Safe, Safer, Codkey



Security and reliability are the words that best describe Codkey Technologies Ltd., a company specialized in the production and trading of locking systems, construction, and furniture facing, mechanical processing of parts.

Client Assignment

We had to present the rich catalog of the company's products, as well as the various solutions they offer. An important requirement was the website to be dynamic but unobtrusive.

Our Solution

We chose a palette of white, red and gray. We showcased their products and focused on the security the company offers to its partners and customers.

Corporate Identity

As is the case with corporate websites, we described in detail the goals and mission of the company. We introduced the modern and high-tech facilities at their disposal and divided their products into categories so that the visitors could easily navigate. According to the type of building the products suitable for this object are listed, so the user is maximally eased in their choice!

Desktop slider


We made sure that we represent successfully the corporate identity of the company on a mobile device as well with intuitive navigation and easy access to the information about the company's partners and the clients who have trusted Codkey Technologies Ltd.

Phone slider