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For le Caviar
le Caviar


LeCaviar is a company that has established traditions in sturgeon farming and offers its products to some of the best restaurants in Europe. The company produces the luxurious black caviar of Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga and Baeri.

Client Assignment

Selling such an expensive and sophisticated delicacy, LeCaviar has challenged us to create a corresponding representation for it. The website had to be luxurious and emphasize the supreme quality and uniqueness of their products.

Our Solution

For this project, we chose a royal combination of black and gold. Adhering to the motto of the company "Excellent quality in every bite", we created an elegant design and left the visitors a sense of the unique taste of the products.

Luxury and sophistication

Every page on this website leaves a sense of opulence and shine. The feeling you might get when you snack on black caviar at a luxurious restaurant.

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We made sure that the feeling of the project is kept even in the smallest resolutions.

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