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The beauty of your style



Exclusive Jeans have been a part of the Bulgarian women's fashion market for more than 15 years. The company strives to inspire its customers to reinvent and build their own unique style.

Client Assignment

Exclusive Jeans set us the difficult task to present online in the most attractive way all the products displayed in their brick and mortar shops. We had to give their clients a sense of comfort so they can feel like they are shopping in one of their physical locations, even though they are shopping online.

Our Solution

The result was a stylish online store with a simplified structure and clearly outlined main categories. We chose the purity of white for background in order to create a sense of transparency. The look of the website is an embodiment of the quality and style offered by the brand.

Own Style

We created a maximally simplified system of categories and subcategories in order to offer a convenient shopping experience for Exclusive Jeans' customers. We developed a variety of filters to make it easy for the clients to choose from the countless different models.

Desktop slider


We didn't miss to create an elegant mobile version in which the little black dress is every little bit as compelling on the small screen.

Phone slider