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The peace of the mountain



Edelweiss Hotel's history dates back to the time of Todor Zhivkov, the Bulgarian communist head of state. The hotel was built as a holiday home for the state leaders and the cultural elite of the country. All the prominent writers, artists, poets, musicians, journalists, and actors have gathered there. The classic furnishings, impressive nature, and exquisite winery make it the perfect place to relax.

Client Assignment

The requirements of Ersela Ltd. were to emphasize the unobtrusive luxury that the hotel offers. It was also important to show the symbiosis between the unique nature of the area and the modern conditions for relaxation.

Our Solution

We developed for Ersela Ltd. a set of elegant design, detailed presentation, in addition to a user-friendly menu, which is the reason why the hotel enjoys guests not only from Bulgaria but also from other parts of the world.


We chose warm, naturalistic colors, all in harmony with the style of the hotel itself. In addition, we created a special video that catches the user's attention, making them want to spend their vacation right there.

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Another important step in the project's realization was giving the guests of the hotel the option to share their personal impressions of the service they received, as well as the ability to easily book their stay via a mobile device.

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