The process Website

The process

Picture it! Draw it! Build it! Develop it!

With this section we would like to introduce you to our principles and work methods, and more specifically how in Valival we create and develop a website. From the first time we meet a customer, trough the individual steps inbetween, up to the successfully completed and developed project. 

Through the simple process we achieve clearness, exactitude, uniqueness and most important “GUARANTEE” for successful realization and growth!

Picture it!


It is our first virtual or real meeting. At the meeting you share your point of view for creating website and ask questions, that you are interested in, and we, Valival listen carefully, answer you and take notes. In the next days we are analyzing the information, prepare matters to discuss and remind you what else could be done, so that your project becomes competitive. It is possible to meet you more than once when the projects are bigger and more complicated. 


The fresh and offbeat ideas are the leading condition for successful website. After we know clearly the purposes of the project, few different ideas appear. Together with you we discuss their advantages and disadvantages, filter them out and decide for only one. We take an all around view of the IDEA to improve it to be the best and to believe in it. 


The so called assignment for website is the documentation of the two previous steps. It contains detailed information needed for the realization of the project. What and where we will place, and how it will function, why definite decisions have been taken and what is the advantage of them. To every assignment we also prepare a contract, which contents: technology and work method, terms, guarantee and total price of the project.  

Draw it!

Visualization and design

... and once the inspiration gave breath of life to the project, and the module set the problems and the functionality and gave the directions, so it comes the moment for the “icing of the cake” for our designers, or with other words the visualization of the project. The Design!
It is always amazing to see the designer’s eyes, their wish to take the maximum from every project, combining functionality, clarity, accessibility and in the end add pinch of that spice they keep in secret, and that always give distinctive view, charm and uniqueness to your new project.


Piece of paper, scissors, pencils, rule, trammel, glue and here we are starting! This is how the children are turning their fantasy in a real thing. We create a visual module of every website to spare the costumer not so easy explanation with gesticulations, gestures and grimaces how his project will work. This step is really important for him and for us, because together we are going deep in the details, explain processes and functionality with drawings- all of that, that inspired us in the project and we want to practically include it in the module. And still this is not a design, this is just a basis that will be covered with the design.


They say, the inspiration is common for artists and painters, but we all feel, that it is in the heart of every little thing the human creates. This is why inspiration is always one of the most important steps for the designers and painters in Valival. It brings each one of us to inspiration – the creators and the consumers. It is the gate, which leads us to the world of the ideas. This is celebration of the senses, the essential ingredient for the magic of the design and it can’t be felt without it. This is where it all starts, everything we create, that you will see after that, and hope you will enjoy it, like we did by elaborating.

Build it!

Chose the technology

Every individual website needs correctly chosen technologies for its successful realization. In Valival we chose the right technologies according to the structure, functionality, the purposes and the future development of the project. Now days the technologies are changing really fast and give you more and more opportunities. The proper operating of the website depends on the first choice, and after that changes to expand the functionality could be made cheap and fast.  


This is the step “Materialization” of every other previous step, visual and functional present of the original idea. The whole “physical” building of your website, you have the opportunity to follow our work “live”, we comment and clear out everything that is not understandable for you. We discuss it when you have doubts, that there is something about the project, that don’t work properly. When it is obvious needed and there are enough reasons about that, you are able to ask for change the view or the functionality of the project. 


Even we gave our best and used all of our skills by building your website, there is always something small to flat. This is the step where we are testing, correcting and fixing all the small things in the project to be perfect in the real meaning of the word. We give 100% guarantee for our work also after releasing the project. Even if our contract agreement have been cancelled, you always can call us to remove a problem, caused by our guilt- fast, correct and free of charge.

Develop it!

Who's the best of the best (SEO)

To avoid this situation: “ I have a beautiful, functional website full of information … that no one sees”, the next step in the development is  SEO Search engine optimization, or simply said “your website to be on top in the search engines” … Now days this is equal to war between the websites. The standing in the search engines is complicated and non-stopping process. It is planed and fulfilled stage-by-stage, and guaranties more visitors in your website and resp. better realization. To be ahead of your competition is a huge priority and will bring you the success you have dreamed of in every aspects. 

Technical support

In Valival we think, that the technical support is especially important for your website, independently if it is a small or big with affluent consumption. The bigger websites apply changes to be made often: troubleshoots, continuously and needed functionalities and visual adds. The technical support is constantly needed by developing the website, because to be liked, shared, positioned and to keep the consumers, a website first needs to work perfect, always to be immediate and topical, to surprise the audience with something new, something interesting … something more than the others, all the time.


After we have a quality website, well-organized and working properly, the fastest way to say to everyone “HELLO, LOOK AT ME” is the advertising … today there is no stronger word! We assess and recommend you the accurate advertising. We find the right target group, prepare a strategy and make the commercial materials, to reap the desired success together! We offer you assistance by all kind of Internet advertising- Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook campaigns, finding targeted websites with appropriate audience and all sort of other, non-standard advertising solutions in Internet! 

Get informed for our services and how can we be useful for you. Take a look at our portfolio and see how our team was useful for other people like you. Don't hesitate and contact us!
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