Installation and Setup of Web Platforms

Installation and Setup of Web Platforms

You have chosen to implement your ideas on the internet with ready made web platform! But you do not have the knowledge and the skills of where to start.

Valival team are professionals who will help you and make it work for you.

  • Installation and setup WordPress


    The biggest and the best blogging system in the world, covering high web standards and excellent usability.
  • Installation and setup phpBB forum

    phpBB forum

    Free, with great functionality, excellent stability and easy to use! This is a PHPBB forum software used daily by millions of users on the Internet!
  • Installation and setup of Joomla!


    Joomla is a free and widely recognized system for content management, which enables you to build Websites and powerful online applications. With so many powerful futures and easiness no wonder Is one of the most popular website building tools?
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