Creating a Web Portal

Creating a Web Portal

When can you call an website „portal"?
Only if a visitor finds everything it needs for a particular subject without going elsewhere to find additional information and comes back to the website on regular basis.

The creation of an internet portal in any giving field is one of the most attracting tasks for us. First, we take time to get familiar in detail with the topic itself. While studying the subject, we get familiar with the needs of all the users that might be interested in the particular topic. What could be the most interesting to the visitors, what they would want to see and what would they pay the most attention to. We study and research everything we can find for the given topic before we begin.

Once we are fully aware of the subject, and the needs of the future internet users we get involved in planning and creating the portal itself.

We are confident that together we can create the portal that it could become the right place for the right internet users!


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