Custom Software

Custom Software

When you need an easy solution for your tasks, entering well clasified, accessible information with high security, but you can't find anywhere exactly this feature.

The team of Valival helps you exactly when you don't find proper ready solution!

Let us give an example :

You have chain stores in 12 cities and a range of 300 000 products. You have 180 worldwide suppliers sending you change prices every 72 hours and each provider sends information in various digital formats. Some form of files, others publish them to your site in a special account created for you and of course all the same formats differ in certain signs.

Therefore, you need specialized software that is accessible only from the 12 shops with a number of access levels for each store, and last but not least - a module for automatic or semi update of the all your products, which saves labor costs. Surely if you need something more specific that is necessary for your business give us a call now.

This example was just theoretical, it could be a system for online invoicing or online training, but it has to be unique and developed only for you.

We can create any online based software, just let us know what do you need.

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